Ayurvedic Treatment for Jaundice


  • Ayurvedic Treatment for Jaundice

Ayurvedic Treatment for Jaundice - In a basic sense, Jaundice is a disease where the amount of Bilirubin (the yellow pigment in the blood) is raised due to various causes. This BIlirubin may of Conjugated or Unconjugated type. Jaundice is commonly of three types; Pre-Hepatic Jaundice, Hepatocellular Jaundice and Obstructive Jaundice. Ayurvedic treatment of Jaundice offers great remedies, ensuring long term well being.

Pre-hepatic Jaundice: This is mainly caused by excessive Haemolysis in our body and this is seen in patients of Malaria and in Neonates. We can diagnose this Jaundice with higher values of Unconjugated Bilirubin.

Hepatocellular Jaundice: In this kind of Jaundice, hepatic cells are injured by certain bacteria/virus, resulting in damage to the liver cells. We can diagnose this jaundice with simple liver function tests through blood, the results of which show higher values of Conjugated and Unconjugated Bilirubin. This is accompanied by higher values of liver cells and enzymes (Serum Glutamic Oxaloacetic Transaminase, SGOT and Serum Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase, SGPT). Ayurveda can help a lot in this kind of jaundice as well as in those Jaundice with Hepatitis B and C. Ayurveda offers great support and acts as a safety guard in the treatment for Jaundice.

1. Post-Hepatic jaundice (Obstructive Jaundice) : In this kind of jaundice, there is an obstruction in the common bile duct. This maybe due to Gallstone, Gallbladder Sludge and any kind of growth like carcinoma/cancerous growth in the Pancreas. We can diagnose this type of Jaundice through simple ultrasound and liver function tests which shows higher values of Conjugative Bilirubin along with higher values of Alkaline Phosphatase. Ayurveda offers the best treatment without surgery for Gallbladder Sludge. Dr. Shailesh Jain offers the best Ayurveda treatment of Jaundice without surgery for Gallbladder Sludge.

2. Hepatic cirrhosis : It is a necrosis of the cells, followed by fibrosis and regeneration of liver cells leading to nodules known as Cirrhosis of Liver. Viral hepatitis and alcohol induced damage of the Liver cells are the most common cause of Cirrhosis of liver. Though Cirrhosis is not 100% curable but Ayurveda can help by offering great support to such patients through with medicines having nectar like effects, e.g. Kutki, Gokhru etc.

3. Fatty liver : In day to day modern society, Fatty Liver is quite common and the most important cause of of this is high calorie fried food items, coupled with sedentary lifestyle. The next common cause is alcohol. The best Ayurvedic doctor for Jaundice provides several drugs to cure such entity like Chitrak, Haritaki, Mustk etc.