Gall Bladder Sludge & Pancreatitis

Gall Bladder Sludge & Pancreatitis

The Gall Bladder, along with the Pancreas forms part of the gastrointestinal system. This system is responsible for the digestion of food materials in our body. The Gallbladder is responsible for the storage of Bile Enzymes that is secreted by the Liver. On the other hand, the Pancreas secretes the Pancreatic Enzymes that play a vital role in digestion. Both the organs are in close proximity in the abdomen.

The development of Gallbladder Sludge is caused mostly by a sedentary lifestyle. This leads to the growth of a fatty lining on the organ. Two common conditions are associated with Gallbladder Sludge. These are Obstructive Jaundice and Pancreatitis. Modern medicine advocates only surgical treatment. However, Ayurvedic treatment of Gallbladder Sludge are known to have a remarkable effect in helping clear the condition.

Pancreatitis is a related disease that hinders the functioning of the pancreas. It is known to develop in association with Gallbladder Sludge and involves inflammation of the pancreas, however there are other causes as well. These include excess intake of alcohol and one that has no known causes (Idiopathic Pancreatitis). This hinders its function in digestion. Both these conditions are usually accompanied by pain in the abdomen. Unless treatment is done, the condition may be life threatening.

Removal of Gallbladder Sludge through surgery is quick but can lead to infections and lots of expense. On the other hand, Ayurvedic treatment relies on an assemblage of that empowers the body to excrete the sludge through herbs and minerals.

Ayurvedic practitioners like Dr. Shailesh Jain are known for promoting a simple but effective cure through the use of herbs and mineral components. Gokshura, Punarnavadi and Dandelion, when taken in appropriate doses can help recover in cases of Gallbladder Sludge and Pancreatitis. Dr. Shailesh specialises in alternative treatments for Pancreatitis. He can be reached through phone or at his chamber in Rohini.