Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Fall and Alopecia

Hair Fall and Alopecia

  • Hair Fall & Alopecia

Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Fall - Hair Fall is very common and is known to affect both the sexes, in different degrees. Though the condition is usually irreversible in human males, females are also known to have been affected by the condition. Unless treated in a timely and adequate manner, these may lead to the development of baldness. This, in turn, may lead to erosion of confidence and embarrassment.

The reasons behind hair fall may be numerous. These may be hereditary or develop due to the body's reaction to the environment. At times, use of chemicals in the form of medicines may acceleration the situation. Hair fall may occur in pulses or may be chronic in nature. Unless the problem is countered early, it may lead to baldness. Today, other factors like mental stress and the lack of a healthy environment are also contributing to premature balding in men. Alopecia is a condition where the scalp is attacked by the immune system, leading to to the development of an odd bald patch. It may be reversible with the right treatment.

The same set of medicines for everybody in the treatment of hair fall would not work. Ayurvedic treatment of hair fall prescribes that the most effective ways of treating hair fall are also natural and does not carry any side effects. Regular care through the proper intake of food can work miracles. Abstinence from habits such as smoking and drinking, along with avoidance of stress have also been found to be effective in curbing hair fall. Its treatment also includes healthy exercise and proper sleep.

Dr. Shailesh Jain, is a famous doctor of Ayurveda and specialises in the treatment of hair fall. He recommends herbal formulations and plant extracts. Herbs such as Bhringraj and Brahmi, in correct dosages and frequency helps in arresting and reversing hair fall. Other extracts like Amla, Ritha and Neem are also known for the hair revitalising qualities. Dr. Jain's treatment is known to have a lasting impact on patients looking for solution of hair fall problems.