Ayurvedic Treatment for Acne Pimples

Acne Pimples

  • Ayurvedic Treatment for Pimples

Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Pimples or Ayurvedic treatment of acne pigmentation - Acne is a disease of the sebaceous glands and it find explanation in Ayurveda with name Yuvanpidika(mukhadushika) papules appears on the face which resembles the sprout on the bark of shalmali tree. This disease of young people and is due to vitiation of Kalpa, Vata, and Rakta. Acne marks are most of the time due to vitiated Pitta in the body. Ayurvedic Healthcare system treats acne through traditional herbs like Manjistha and Kadir etc. Acne is a treatable condition and marks of pimple are due to vitiated Pitta that too is curable condition through Ayurvedic Chikitsa.

Acne is known to affect diverse age groups, though adult acne is comparatively rare. The condition can be devastating for adolescents as it leads to the development of visible marks on the skin. The condition may affect any portion of the skin, mostly the face. Ayurvedic medicines offers the most effective treatment of acne.

Best ayurvedic treatment for adult acne - Acne vulgaris, more commonly known as pimple, is a skin condition that is marked by the development of spots or heads on the skin. Pimple is predominantly common among adolescents, though it is also reported from middle aged. Almost every person suffers from pimple at some point in their life. Unless proper treatment is carried out, acne marks may becoma a lasting feature on your skin, according to experts.

Best ayurvedic treatment for back acne - Despite affecting a vast majority of people, the exact cause of skin acne is still being debated. It is generally believed that genetics play a major role in its development. Besides, other factors such as hormonal changes during adolescence, habits such as smoking and psychological causes may also be responsible for the development of acne marks. pimple can effect diverse parts of the skin. However, face and back acne are the most common. The former can be a reason for the loss of self esteem in adolescents.

Skin acne can lead to physical discomfort. Very often, this is accompanied by itching and irritation. Acne pigmentation, in many cases, leaves behind black heads or marks, which persists for a long time. These can inhibit the self confidence, especially of teens among which the condition is most common. Back acne, may have the effect of causing difficulty during sleep.

Treatment of pimple can be carried out in numerous ways. However, not all methods are effective in curing the condition. Moreover, these can involve huge costs. Ayurvedic medicines provide an alternative form of treatment that is fast gaining popularity throughout the world. This form of treatment is natural as well. The best ayurvedic treatment for pimples can be effective in controlling acne pigmentation as well as associated problems like oil secreations. They show their effects quickly. This form of treatment is natural and does not come with any associated side-effects. This method makes use of natural extracts of Manjishtha and Kadir. Dr. Shailesh Jain has an experience of over 10 years can be regarded as the best ayurvedic doctor for acne.He practices his trade in Rohini and is easily available.

Acne affects around 80 percent of the adolescent population worldwide. In many cases, skin acne can be unavoidable. However, with the best ayurvedic treatment for pimples, you can ensure that it is short lived and easily curable.